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Our Story,Our History,
Our Country

The America Quartet is the epic story of one line of one American family - the author’s own - from the Autumn of 1635 when the author’s eight-great grandfather William Ives arrived in New England aboard the Truelove, to August, 1959, when the author’s father died at the side of the road, next to his ’49 Ford, twenty miles north of Yuma, Arizona. It is a story of a family whose lives were deeply entwined in the history of our nation - the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Profoundly researched, rendered in propulsive prose, the America Quartet is a narrative like no other - the story of one line of one American family, its failures and successes, its triumphs and tragedies, over the entire span of our nation’s history. Their story. Our story.

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 The America Quartet 

The Four Volumes

Click the chapters below for more info on each volume

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About the Author

A self-described “nomad,” Richard Ives has lived at various times of his life in England, France, Japan, and Greece, and he has traveled to nearly 50 other countries. The New York Times called Of Tigers and Men, his memoir of working as a wildlife guide in India, Nepal, and southeast Asia, a classic book of travel...utterly gripping, not easy to forget."In a review of the book, Jane Goodall wrote that she found it "...moving, thought provoking... exhilarating... I shall always be forever haunted by images, now gentle, now fierce, of the mysterious, beautiful, and magnificent tiger who, unless some miracle occurs, will soon be extinct.”​ Over the last twenty years, Ives has turned his attention to the research and writing of an intimate, factual history of one line of an American family - his own - from 1607 to the present day. It is from the years of research that went into the writing of The America Quartet -  the epic story of triumph, tragedy, faith and endurance, extending over nine generations of the Ives family - that the American History Revealed podcast was born.

American History Revealed

Season one of our podcast available now

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